To Whoever Found My Journal:

I’ve lost a lot of things during my travels - an expensive camera, two ipods, lots of clothing, shoes, money, etc. But a couple weeks ago I lost the most valuable thing yet: my journal.

My website is written on the first page, as is my email address, but I haven’t heard from you yet. That’s OK, I know you’re busy traveling through Thailand and all, and that you’re planning on sending me one as soon as you can. Its a good thing that you, of all people, picked it up. Some folks would just toss it or leave it there. I’m happy to know its in good hands.

That journal is a gift from my good friend Sarita. She gave it to me for my 25th birthday, right before I left home in December 2005. I’ve carried it with me through more than a dozen countries since then, filling it with little notes, drawings, stories and contact info of the people I’ve met along the way. I think there are about 10 blank pages left in it. I was planning to mail it home just days before I lost it.

So, if you’re still in Thailand or you’ll be back there soon (flying out of Bangkok, perhaps?) let me know. You can leave it somewhere for me, I’ll be very glad to have it back.

Thanks, Jordan

PS - I’m in Luang Prabang, Laos today. What a beautiful town!