The next day brought us to the town of Moron after just 12 short hours on the road. Actually, I’m using the word “road” loosely because there are no roads between the White Lakes and Moron. We bounced through fields and over countless hills, most of the time surrounded by absolutely nothing but miles and miles of wilderness. I ran my camera out of batteries on the way - the views were incredible.

Black Mountain Colors

The air in Mongolia is crystal-clear. High winds keep the pollution to a minimum, and there aren’t many smokestacks to begin with. The landscape is a brown carpet stained only by the shadows of clouds.

Moron is just a much-needed rest-stop on the long journey north to Lake Khovsgol National Park for most, as it was for us. We did enjoy the first shower in 5 days there, though, which would be my last for some time.