This is not the long-overdue mass update that will cover my last days in Myanmar, final month+ in Bangkok, quick visit to Beijing, China and my first few days in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia. I’m just putting a quick note here to let you know that I’ll be out of touch for the next two weeks or so.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving Ulaanbatar with a small group of travelers to visit Khovsgol lake in the north of Mongolia (6 days of travel). When I get to the lake, I’ll leave the group and hire a horse and guide to take me on a trek in the area around the lake for a few days, then return to Ulaanbatar via local van, which will take another couple days. I may have internet access in a couple places along the way, but its not likely.

When I return I’ll throw down the giant multi-volume update.

Until then, check out some photos from Beijing: Zhengjue Ignition