Nha Trang

I stopped in Nha Trang to spend a few days sitting in the sun while I waited for my visa extension to go through (I’ve decided to stay in Vietnam another month). Nha Trang Beach is really nice and the weather was perfect - I spent most of my time relaxing on the sand, reading books.

One afternoon I ran into Glen, someone I met in Franz Josef, New Zealand a few months ago. We exchanged stories about our recent travels - Glen was in India for most of the time and is now touring Vietnam on his way home to Ireland after being away for more than 2 years. Small world!

One day I hired a moto driver to take me out to some nearby Cham ruins (No Pagar Cham) and an old pagoda, and I spent another day doing a couple fun dives near some islands off the coast. The city is pretty touristy so it didn’t stand out as one of the best stops so far. Still, I’ve got no complaints about having a few quiet days on the beach…

People-Eating Wartsnake Nha Trang