Anja, Dan and I left Phnom Penh in the morning for Kampot and arrived in the early afternoon. Kapmot is a small townt that serves most tourists as a jumping off spot for visiting the Bokor national park in the mountains above.

We picked a guesthouse (Mealy Chenda) and moved into a $5 room before walking to town to check out the local market. It was full of unfamiliar and unrecognizable sights and smells - we bought a large durian and cracked it open. Durian is nasty. Inside its hard spiky skin are two sections of gooey, soft, rotten-fish-smelling flesh which taste sort of OK if you can get past the smell. I would have tried to eat enough to get used to the flavor but I had a minor allergic reaction to it. Too bad. After scouring the market for more goodies we headed home with a case of warm crown beer and bellies full of mystery noodles.

Kampot Alley Pork

Later on for dinner we found a small restaurant and enjoyed a great meal of fried fish and tom yum soup with the help of a Cambodian translator from Tracy, CA.