Karaoke Showdown

Last night we decided to go out for a sing song. We hailed a cab, hopped in and asked the driver to take us to a karaoke joint. Knowing full-well that most “karaoke” places in Bangkok are go-go bars with “karaoke rooms” upstairs (if-you-know-what-i-mean), we tried to explain to the driver that we just wanted to sing. Of course we ended up at one such bar, but we succeeded in simply renting one of the rooms for an hour and a half to just sing and have fun. They had only a handful of terrible songs in english so we just made up our own most of the time.

Billie Jean Rock Ninja Touching God 3:00am

In other news, Sarah and Jeff have decided against traveling through Cambodia with me and will instead go north towards Laos. I’ll be leaving for Cambodia day after tomorrow, solo again. We may end up reconnecting somewhere along the circuit as they could be visiting some of the same places as I but moving in the opposite direction.