The party did end up going well last night, but I slept through it! Oh well. I will be seeing some of my “Lanta Family” in Chiang Mai soon enough. Sarah and I woke and caught our minivan to Trang in the morning before most of the others woke up. It was a full car, but only about 4 hours on the road. Upon arriving we started chatting with a really cool couple from Spain. We split a tuk-tuk ride to a hotel, each got rooms, and then met up later to go to the night market.

ZMaria y David

Trang turned out to be a great stop. The night market was smaller than we expected, but packed with clothing vendors (engrish t-shirt paradise), food carts and the odd open-air tattoo studio. The four of us wandered for a bit, then stopped for a drink. Maria and David decided it was bedtime, so Sarah and I found two motorcycle taxis to take us to what we thought was another night market. The taxis took us back to the one we had just left and knew nothing about another market, so we had a pad thai dinner and walked back to the hotel.