Lanta Family

We checked out of Sunmoon yesterday and got a ride back to Lanta Family. What can I say? Things are exactly the same as they were a few days ago, except they threw a big party last night with a live band to celebrate Thong’s birthday. Everything was going fine with the preparations until the rain started around 7:00… A massive storm rolled through and although there was a decent turnout, the band played for only a few minutes. Disappointed with the situation last night, Thong went around and pasted “27” over the “26” on all the signs around town and asked the band to stay one more night. Hopefully the weather will stay as nice as it is now and the party will go as planned tonight…

F5Sunmoon Bungalow

Tomorrow Sarah and I will take a bus to Trang and then continue south to Malaysia. My current visa expires in just over a week so I’ll need to renew it before we head north to Chiang Mai for Songkhran. After a couple weeks in Malaysia we’ll travel up back up the peninsula, make a stop or two in central Thailand and end up in Chiang Mai by April 12.