This time around, the Thai Hotel in Krabi ended up being the worst hotel experience I’ve had to date. We opted for a double fan room instead of a double AC room as Brandon and I had done the last time I was there. First, Sarah found a big roach in the bathroom - no big deal, most of the places I’ve been in southern Thailand so far have some roaches. Then we noticed that the bathroom is also home to a few dozen small spiders. Not so bad, but taking a shower was a slight challenge at this point… Then Sarah laid down in her bed and realized that it was crawling with ants. Its pretty hard to be comfortable when you’re lying amongst a colony of ants… We went down to reception and they reacted as if this is completely normal, so we paid the extra baht to upgrade to an AC room, which was far cleaner and featured insect-free beds. In the morning, we bought a ticket to Ko Phi Phi (I had just been there last week, but it would be a crime if Sarah were to miss Ko Phi Phi Leh) for that afternoon. It was still pretty early so we walked towards the beach and found a longtail driver to take us on a quick tour around Krabi. He took us along the mangrove forest to spot some iguanas, to a large cave and to a fish farm where they raised all sorts of tropical fish. We went back to town and caught the ferry to Phi Phi where we booked a double room for the night.