It turns out that the dateline time-difference befuddled me once again and I arrived in Bangkok one full day before Sarah was to arrive. Oh well. After the afternoon boat ride and 4-hour-delayed flight, I was throughly exhausted and found a room off of Khao San for the night. The next day I booked a decent double room (with AC and a bathroom) as Sarah was set to arrive at 2:00am that night. I used the day to explore the city on foot and by taxi - Siam Square, China Town, Banglamphu, Sukumvhit and a few neighborhoods inbetween. A partied-out Brandon arrived from Krabi in the evening, so we had dinner together and hung out until Sarah was expected to show up around 3:00am. Brandon was falling asleep and I was getting quite worried, so we said our goodbyes and I set out to find Sarah. I walked up and down Khao San road, leaving notes and checking in various hotels trying to find her, but had to give up around 5:30am (the scene on Khao San at 5:30am is rather seedy - in a not-really-dangerous-but-sort-of-creepy way). I managed to sleep for a few hours and checked up on our meeting spot in the morning. Even though Sarah was there, she was not given the note I had left for her and so had left a note for me. The reception girl didn’t even tell me about it when I specifically asked if there was a note for Jordan! I even looked over the sheet of names with rooms booked at the hotel, which she wasn’t listed on. Sometimes the language barrier is a bitch… Eventually we connected via email and I caught up with her at noon at our original meeting point. Apparently the taxi driver thought he knew the specific hotel she was looking for but drove her to the wrong neighborhood (Sukumvhit). So she booked a room there and found Khao San early in the morning. Next time we’ll just meet at the airport!