Koh Phi Phi

Even though Koh Phi Phi has the reputation of being quite touristy, it’s still supposed to be one the most beautiful Thai islands. Just next to the main island of Phi Phi is Phi Phi Leh, the island made famous by the movie The Beach. We arrived in the late afternoon, found a very basic double room for 450 baht and then hit the town for food and drinks. The next morning we hired a longtail boat driver guide to take us around the island for a couple hours. Incredible. We swam in the warm, crystal-clear water and sat on Maya beach. After riding back we lazed around for a bit then went out again for another night filled with scandanavians, beer and buckets. I’m going to start calling Thailand “New Sweden”.

Koh Phi Phi LayKoh Phi Phi Lay

Just as the night was getting started, Brandon and I were watching a kick-boxing match at a bar in town when a stampede of people ran inside and up the stairs. Soon almost everyone was upstairs asking eachother what was going on - apparently there was an earthquake reported in the ocean and someone started a tsunami panic. In the short period of time before we all found out that there was nothing to worry about, much of the town closed up. The night didn’t pick up again for a few hours, but we stayed out until sunrise… In the morning we hopped on a boat to Koh Lanta.