Sai Kung

I just returned from a failed geocaching mission that took me out to Sai Kung in the new territories of the Hong Kong S.A.R. It ended up being a good adventure regardless, as part of the mission was a little walking tour through the town.

Sai Kung fish market Sai Kung Market

I took the MTR out to Choi Hung and then a minibus to the prescribed GPS coordinates in Sai Kung. From there, I followed the first 3 steps of the mission, obtaining the coordinates for each one from clues based on landmarks along the way. When I got the final point, however, I couldn’t locate the cache! It did put me right next to a really cool fish market along the waterfront, though. I watched a bunch of fishermen who had docked their dinghies alongside the pier sell their fresh fish to the crowd on shore. Someone would shout down an order and the fish were killed, scaled, clean and filleted on the spot. Then it was bagged up and handed up in a net pole to the customer.

I hung out around town all afternoon and then rode home to central…