I’m now in Queenstown. In 30 minutes I will jump off of a gondola to do a 130+ meter bungee jump, photos below. Its the second third highest in the world (highest in NZ). Wish me luck.

The Nevis The nevis

Update: I jumped, and it was fantastic.

Update II: I reconnected with Jared and the Swedish danger-duo: Jenny & Malin in QT…

Even though I had tons of fun there, Queenstown is not my favorite city. Its a small yet expensive, ultra-touristy place. Several times I heard comments about how much it’s changed in the last 5 years - I can see how it used to be quite a nice town. I ended up having a really good time, though, because of the people I met up with.

I arrived a day before Jared, so I went and did the Nevis bungee jump alone (see above). When Jared got in the next day, Lucy and I met up with him to do the luge-thingies up on the hill (I rode them before in Rotorua also) - great fun. We all went out drinking later on with a posse of hostel friends which was also great fun.

Cards in the street Naked Canyon Swing!

The next day Jared and I did the canyon swing - a giant 106 meter swing above a canyon. I thought it was more fun than the bungee jumps because of how much the staff messed with us. They played up the scariness and kept us on our toes. The day before, someone at the hostel had told us that the second jump is free is you go naked - a detail that the staff had left out because our group was all male. Jared and I badgered them until they agreed to let us go on two conditions: 1) We put on our own harnesses so they didnt have to touch is and 2) We convince two girls to jump naked. We jumped, of course. The danger-duo rolled in later and there was another late night of drinking on the town. I had to leave the next morning due to my whirlwind schedule - I would have stayed longer otherwise.