And now I’m in Wellington! It reminds me of San Francisco quite a bit - it’s actually said to be San Francisco’s “sister” city. They have trolley-cars, a big bay, earthquakes and lots of hills and even a few homeless people. I’ll be here for the rest of today and then continue south to Picton and Nelson to do a hike and kayak though through the Abel Tasman park.

I’ve been taking plenty of photos, but have had poor luck finding places to plug in my laptop to upload them. I’m hoping that I can do it when i get to either Queenstown or Christchurch. I am keeping the travelogue map up to date, though. This location is at the top of Mt. Victoria which overlooks the entire bay.

Wellington Wellington

Update: I stayed in Wellington for two days and really enjoyed it. I think if I were to move to New Zealand, I would move there. I visited the Te Papa museum, hung out with some new traveling friends and had a great time all around.