On the way into Taupo I stopped at Huka falls to take some photos and saw that a Taupo Tandem Skydiving shuttle was there in the parking lot ready to take a load of people to the airport. On a whim, I hopped on the shuttle with a few other nervous folks. Shortly after, we were all returned because the weather had gone sour and there were to be no more jumps for the day. I was disappointed but vowed to stay in Taupo long enough to do a jump…

Just an hour prior to that we stopped at Taupo Bungee and I did my first bungee jump! 43 meters over the lake - scary as hell but I loved it.

I ended up staying for two days, at which point the weather cleared and I did a tandem jump from 12,000 ft. It was an incredible experience - I’d recommend it to anyone! Apparently Taupo is the cheapest (and busiest) place in the world to jump, and one of only a few sites that allow jumps from 15,000 ft. I was on the last plane of the day, so the sun was just starting to go down - the view was amazing.

We're under attack! Skydiving