Thanks Everyone!

I had a great time last night, and nearly all the things I had up for grabs were claimed! All in all, a success. I’ve posted some photos on flickr. I’m now in love with Flickr, by the way.

(these two photos by yutai)

I have a list of items that have been claimed but were not taken by the end of the night:

  • Alvaro - Guitar
  • Joe - Delta 44, ‘Sarita’ painting
  • Yutai - Drum machines, mixer, microphone, gold frame
  • Fong! - Rug, shelf unit thing, Tron slipmats
  • Ryan - Pink trashcan, belt sander, skateboard
  • Tony - Stereo receiver, croquet set, shoes
  • Cyrelle - Robots, Lamp, Shelf unit
  • David - Snowboard, boots, MIDI controller
  • Hernan - Longboard
  • Rue - Bench thing, Sarah painting
  • Audrey - Jeremy Fish print
  • Mayu - Computer desk

Hopefully you all can pick up the stuff next weekend and maybe give me a hand moving the remaining stuff into storage ;)