We’re Back

Now that streetwars is over for me and Team Scissor Attack, the FFFlag flies once again. I’ll share with you the story of Alan’s demise (and therefore mine) from the StreetWars website (it was later decided that the kill was legit):

Dear Supremeness, At approximately 12:30 on 11/23/05 Agent IK aka Mr. Green and myself (The Chief) saw Agent AS (target # wywsgxeenskc) leaving work. As he got to the other side of the street the pursuit began….as we got within range of said target I yelled out “hey Alan” he turned with and the shoot out ensued. All three were fired on and hit. Our target claims that he some how hit both of us prior to getting hit and would not give up his card. This seems highly doubtful as Mr. Green is certain he hit the hoodie that Agent AS was wearing while he was turning around and my reflexes are cat like. Of course this comes down to his word over ours. All I can say is, there is precedence that a tie goes to……..Team America (Fuck Yeah!)……..the killers! But of course you are the Supreme Commander…… The Chief Team America (Fuck Yeah!)

It took two teams (one of twelve members) almost two weeks to take us down. Not so bad.

Back to life as it was, I guess!